2013 Exhibitors

Table 1:
North Star Publishers
Pine Lake Press
Table 2:
Timothy LaJoice
Table 3:
Chelsea Print and Publishing
Michelle Cerny
Table 4:
Little Creek Press- Ellie Alldredge-Bell
Carol Harris
Table 5:
Grandmother's Cottage
Table 6:
Wilson Hickman
Kesmine Hickman
Table 7:
Greene Bark Press
Table 8:
Wine Press Books- Kathryn Dahlstrom
Table 9:
Romanian Dragons
Guy Kelm- Green Kite Publishing
Table 10:
Talking Crow Publishing
Table 11:
Nelson Publishing and Marketing
Table 12:
Moon Watch Productions
Table 13:
Kid Niche Publishing
Table 14:
Victor, the Friendly Vampire
Table 15:
Brilliant Books
Table 16:
Let a Story Be Told
Table 17:
TBA Credit Union
Table 18
Traverse Bay Child Advocacy Center
Table 19:
Domnizelles Publications
Table 20:
Table 21:
Angel Care Child Care
Table 22:
Grand Traverse Area Literacy Council
Table 23:
Read Aloud