2014 Exhibitors

Nina Wolpe- featuring A Forest of Trees Does Not Grow There In Rows
Woodland Way- featuring A,B,C, Disgusting
Digging Deep
Kendall Neff Publishing- featuring Why Dogs Are
Val M. Grant- featuring Who Told You That?
Your Kids Cooking
JeanneKay Publishing-featuring Mama, How Does the Wind Start to Blow?
Preston Hill Press- featuring the Valley Cats series
Kids for Thought- featuring the I Wonder... series
Falcon Press Internation- featuring the Desta series
Bev Irwin-featuring In His Father's Footsteps
ABC Trace and Say
Tim LaJoice-featuring Woodaline the Beaver and Kit Trouble
Black Hill Press-featuring Spelled
Brilliant Books

Thanks to the groups who help with crafts and all the fun in the Auditorium!
Jenifer Strauss of Story Be Told
TBA Credit Union
Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center
Parallel 45
Grand Traverse Area Literacy Council
Creekside Clinic